Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Interviews pt1

A short interview this morning via phone with an actor from several Exclusive projects, with a follow up planned for a few weeks time after I've sent some additional material their way.

The paucity of recollection is fine, I'm interested in memories and instant thoughts rather than lengthy considered responses in the first instance. We are talking 50 or 60 years ago after all! I do think that stimulating memories with written or visual material from the time is a great help and should be employed wherever possible.

Some subjects aren't that interested, and I've spoken to a few who have said no to wanting to see their work again. Others are delighted when the opportunity arises. I'm having to employ both strategies with this research at the moment. I'd still rather sit down with my interviewees too. You nearly always get more out of them face to face than over a phone line where both of you can be easily distracted. 

The usual rant about needing funds to support the research trips should be inserted here! 

I need to spend a couple of weeks in England this summer interviewing and visiting places if I want to do this properly, never mind more time in the archives of various places. Sometimes it would be easier living somewhere other than Belfast, but it suits me to come back here and write. 

Going to see about heading over to London next month for a couple of days to do some more interviews in person. Its crucial to support the extant paper material.

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