Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Possible project...

I need to get down to writing, regardless of the state of my research now. I'd been holding off putting too much into prose form until I'd exhausted research in various areas, archives and so on. Potentially there's nothing worse than writing several thousand words crucial to your thesis and then go and discover you were completely wrong!

As it is, I've turned up a good deal of new information and I'm getting a structure in place. I think perhaps the best thing is to start putting it down, and if I do find anything else then great. 

Its all tied into the great money pit problem. With finances in dire straits, and feeling the pinch with more fees to come and no sponsor, I need to get through this as quickly as possible. I can barely afford to spend three years on this never mind four, at least not without some sort of financial return.

Which brings me to the other development this week (well there might be a third, but I'm holding it off for a week or two). After much deliberation I finally formalised a proposal for a related book project, and it looks like there's an initial green light. Now, we have the nightmare of trying to secure a publisher and a suitable deal (an advance would be nice...). I reckon I could have it compiled in six months from contract signing date which is good, but depends on them. If we could get it ready and published quickly it might at least offer me some revenue to help with fees for the next year or so. Once its contracted and work has begun I'll let you know, but not before.

I gather we've got a couple of meetings planned already with publishers, and I should know more by the end of the month. I can wait those few weeks.

Of course, I could also do with some prudent tax advice. I don't know if I'm entitled to any special discounts or claim backs or anything else. 

Help, anyone?!

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