Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Marketing materials

Just a quick post - I've been gathering marketing materials as part of the research for the Exclusive Project, some of which you won't have seen before. I'll be uploading scans and photos of items from my own (modest) collection in the hope that others who have material will also be willing to share. I'm talking with a number of private collectors at the moment in the hope of sharing images on the eventual database.

As a teaser, I've been cleaning up an image of a quad for Rocketship XM, an American science fiction film produced by Lippert and distributed in the UK by Exclusive. A very stylish and attractive image - and now free of wrinkles and other flaws!

Is there much interest in this line of research? Well, poster collecting can be big business, and film is a visual media, and I believe in looking at the way a film was visually represented in advertising. What damage does it do for original posters to show repros? Nothing - the real value is still in the original items, like having the original Mona Lisa rather than a well produced reproduction.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. A larger version will eventually appear on the main site.

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